Those cooking shows

About the only thing my wife seems to watch any more on TV ares those cooking shows.  I’ll never admit to watching them myself, but as I sometimes pass through the room where she seems enthralled, I pause to see what she thinks is so entertaining.   A requirement to host one of those shows seems to be an ability to constantly talk while preparing unsual dishes.   Apparently, the cook must also display a figure that suggests he or she eats what she cooks.    They have competitions that rival the drama of the Olympics.  The voice of the narrator suggests we could be at the “Super Bowl”.    I chuckle and move on realizing that to ridicule my wife watching would cause her to question my sports events.   Wait a minute, the way these TV shows dramatize it, cooking is a sporting event.   I’ve eaten many new concoctions that my wife has  cooked after seeing them on TV.   Some are good.   Others must have been losers in the TV kitchens.


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