Police and prostitutes

From Monday’s (3-14-11) Atlanta Journal Constitution: “When the sexual encounter was over and police officers  were seconds away from storming the room, the Sandy Springs detective told the woman she was under arrest.  ‘But we had sex,’ the woman said, ‘Can you do that?’

The excerpt is taken from a lawsuit against the Sandy Springs Police Department. The officer involved with the prostitute filed the suit.  It claims he was unfairly suspended for two days without pay for doing his job.

During my more than fifty years with WSB-Television, I remember other similar situations in metro Atlanta.   One that particularly stands out brought down a Cobb County Detective.   A prostitute was an informant and chief witness in a murder case.   Part of a particular detective’s  job was to keep her safe while they awaited the trial.  But the detective became personally involved with the prostitute.  It ruined his life and destroyed her credibility as a witness.

Again from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: (The Sandy Springs Police Officer) “claimed in the lawsuit that that sort of behavior (having intercourse with a prostitute) was common place during vice investigations…'”

On the other hand, the director of the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training told the AJC that his agency teaches officers that the minimum standard needed for probable cause to make an arrest is usually when money is exchanged for the promise of a sexual favor.  The fornication is not necessary to prosecute a case.  The woman involved with the detective was freed and all charges dropped.




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