The Gold Dome

Georgia’s gold plated capitol building shines above us as we run Saturday’s Downtown Dash For Diabetes 5K.  The money is used in diabetes research and to help families and victims of the disease.  As a reporter with WSB-Television, I’ve covered so many stories at the Capitol.    Among those is the gold-dome itself.   I’ve climbed a ladder into the narrow opening where you can see the dome from the inside out.    The north Georgia city of Dahlonega was the site of the nation’s first gold rush.    It had lot of gold that was mined and sold.   The cost of mining or panning for what little’s left is not commercially worthwhile except as a tourist attraction.    However, it was the citizens of Dahlonega and Lumpkin county who furnished the gold that replaced the tin atop the Capitol.  The year wss 1957.    Thirty years later,the gold-plated topping was in such disrepair that they began a campain to regild the dome.  The project was completed in 1981.  The citizens of Lumpkin County and Dahlonega again donated the gold.  These days, the Capitol Building and Grounds crews keep the dome bright and shiny.     Many visitors are awed by the sight, but for many others, it’s just a place to work.


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