My friend and I today went on one of our frequent 4 or 5 mile walk-runs.  The subjects of  our conversations cover the waterfront.    We sometimes agree…sometimes agreeably disagree.   Today toward the end of our journey, my friend asked me what I thought about the United States involvement in Libya.    I have mixed feelings.   As a former military man, I’m inclined  to be a good soldier and trust our leaders to know what they’re doing.  On the other hand, I wonder why we feel we have to impose the USA’s way of governing on other nations.    Does Libya pose a threat to the United States?  Is it harboring terrorists?  Oh, I’ve heard the line that we’re bombing Libyan military targets to stop Moammar Kadhafi’s attacks  on his own people.     I  pray our leaders know what they’re doing.  Let’s not even think about how it’s affecting gasoline prices.


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