As I get closer to the reality of our mortality, I continue to be intrigued by the possibility of reincarnation.  “Reincarnation” comes from Latin.  It means, “entering the flesh again”.     Different religions have different points of view.   I think my first thoughts about reincarnation came in the mid 1950s.    There was a book (later made into a movie) called “The Search for Bridey Murphy”.  It purported to show that a young girl had lived earlier lives.   It was entertaining and sparked considerable debate.  I remember a friend who suffered constant headaches.  A physician hypnotized him and regressed my friend to what he told me was an earlier life.   During that time he was a warrior.   He and others were storming a castle when an arrow struck him between the eyes.  It killed him.  He says he died with the pain of the arrow which he believes he carried into this life.  My friend says once he knew the cause of his pain, it went away.   I wonder if there are memories of earlier lives hidden on the hard-drives of our minds.  Are any of us reincarnated?   If so, how…who or what determines which flesh we shall re-enter?


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