“Cup of Coffee”

"Cup of Coffee"

I’ve seen a lot of “characters” designed to promote a business, but Saturday is the first time to see “Cup of Coffee”.  I think he represents a coffee shop by the same name.  He was among those at the “Footrace For The Falls 5K” in Milton, Georgia.   Creating animals or creatures is a favorite advertising gimmick.    Among the characters that I remember:  The “Cick-Fil-A” cow”, the “AFLAC Duck”, and the “Polar Bear” that represents the Johnson Ferry Road Baptist Church in east Cobb County, Georgia.  All the charactersl seem to be magnets for children.  They remind me of the circus clowns when I was a child.    I like them.     But perhaps you should discourage your children from drinking too much coffee, eating too much chicken or quacking like a duck.  On the other hand if they are really, really talented quackers, perhaps they could try out for the gig with AFLAC   The job is open, you know.


2 Responses to ““Cup of Coffee””

  1. Georgeannamaker Says:


    I missed you in the Jonquil Jog today. I am 88 but I won 2nd place in the over 70 group.

    I have been inspired by you for years as you have been in The Peachtree Road Race for years. I hope you are fine. Our son, Noell Wannamaker, whom you may remember would like a short message.

    Best Wishes, George Wannamaker, gwannamaker1@bellsouth.net

    • Don McClellan Says:

      George, congratulations! At 88, you inspire me! I was at a couple of other races today…one in the a.m… the other in the p.m. Please give my regards to Noell!

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