Why do I run?

This is a picture of me after finishing the Trot For Tots 5K in Athens, Georgia.  I went from this race  Sunday afternoon to run-walk another 5K in a nearby park.   It was a 170 mile round trip in my van to run a little more than 6-miles.   It’s not an uncommon question for non-runners to ask why.  My simple answer is that it makes me feel good.    When we engage in reasonably strenuous exercise, the body creates  endorphins.  Its an amino acid substance produced by the brain.  Endorphins  suppress pain and gives you a natural high.  I can… and do run almost every day closer to home.   It’s an added bonus to travel and run with people who also enjoy the benefits of endorphins.   I invite you to come join us or a similar group wherever you find it.




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