Honeymooning with Bridey Murphy

Ray and Noreen were newly-weds in 1956.  1956 also was the year that the book and later movie, The Search For Bridey Murphy, made such a splash.  I referred to the book in my recent post about reincarnation.    Ray, Noreen and I are members of the same health club program on the Emory University campus.  The married couple of 55 years  tell me that my mentioning  Bridey Murphy reminded them of their fascination with the book when they went on their honeymoon.   Bridey Murphy was their companion as they started their married life together.  You may recall the book details a young woman’s hypnotic regression…a regression that claimed to produce memories of past lives.  Ray and Noreen were disillusioned when investigators proved the claims in the book were made up….faked to achieve commercial success.   Still, Ray and Noreen remain open to the possibility of reincarnation.   So do I … without Bridey Murphy.


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