Watching without sound

I” ve been watching “THE FINAL FOUR”  games Saturday in this year’s NCAA basketball tournament.  After all these years, I’ve discovered that I can follow and appreciate the play more without sound.  No disrespect to how the play-by-play people are doing their jobs, but concentrating only on the sense of sight heightens my ability to see more things.   In the Butler-VCU game, intense scrambling defense by both teams was impressive.  The shooting was not.  But in the last few minutes of the game  Butler pulled away.  VCU  had the shots, but they were rolling off the rim more often than not.  I’m inclined toward under-dogs so it was good to see two of them playing for the right to be in the final game Monday.   As I write this and watch my silent TV, UCONN has an 8  point lead on KENTUCKY.  It’s much more enjoyable without the deafening crowd noise and the sometimes superfluous comments and analysis by the announcers.   Try it.


One Response to “Watching without sound”

  1. Deanna Says:

    I often prefer to watch baseball this way, particularly if it’s a Braves’ game airing on the network that doesn’t have the Braves’ announcers.

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