Be Prepared!

I joined a boy scout troop that met at a church in Kingsport, Tennessee.  After achieving the First Class rank, I left scouting because of other interests.  Though my time with the scouts was relatively short, I did take away at least one piece of advice:  Be Prepared.     The slogan can apply to many situations.  The one I’m focusing on now is the storms-tornadoes this week that left many homes without power in Georgia and nearby states.  None of the homes or businesses that I saw on WSB-Television mentioned backup generators.   The cost of a generator now is relatively low.   For example, you can buy a 3300 watt machine for 3-hundred dollars.  An electrician can wire it into your power box in less than an hour.  Switching your power box to the generator is easy to learn.   You can enable those essentials:  lights in selected locations,  furnace or air conditioner, refrigerator-freezer, micro-wave and TV.  You may buy the generator and never use it.  But there’s a certain sense of well-being in knowing you’re prepared.


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