Self importance permeates the Masters

I was the Sports Director for much of first two years with WSB-Television in the early 1960s.    One of my assignments was going to Augusta to cover the Masters Golf Tournament.   We would film highlights of the action, drive back to Atlanta to process the film, edit it and then air the video with my live in-studio narrative.    I was impressed with the golfers of that era, Arnie Palmer, Gary Player and others.   But I wasn’t charmed by the “sense of self-importance”  that permeated those who ran the Augusta National Golf Club and the tournament.  Never mind me because their exclusivity seems to have worked for them over the years.  Masters badges are offered this year by various vendors.   Prices range from about one-thousand dollars for Friday or Saturday.    For the two prime days combined, the cost is more than twenty-four hundred.  Billy Payne, the current boss of the Masters, says that next year for the first time they’ll be offering a significant number of 2012 tickets via an on-line lottery.  If your name is drawn, you’ll have a chance to buy two passes for one day at a cost of 75-dollars a ticket.  The deadline for entering the lottery is July 30, 2011.  I wonder how many lucky winners will use the tickets and how many will try to scalp them.



2 Responses to “Self importance permeates the Masters”

  1. Says:

    Please tell your readers & me how to apply for 012 masters tickets via lottery.

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