Jesse Outlar

Jesse Outlar 1923-2011

Reading the obituaries is among the first things I do when my morning newspapers arrive.   Today, there was face in the obits that had graced the pages of the Atlanta Constitution thousands of times.  87-year-old Jesse Outlar died Saturday.  Jesse was with the Atlanta newspaper for more than 41 years as a reporter, sports editor and columnist.  He retired from the newspaper in 1988.   I first met Jesse in 1960.   I was an announcer-sports editor for WSB-Television.    After Saturday’s football games, Jesse and a panel of other newspaper writers including Furman Bisher and Gene Asher would come to our studios to talk about Saturday’s action.   The show was only 30 minutes.  It was slow paced contrasted with today’s panel discussions.  But it had a charm that invited me to listen and learn.   Away from WSB,  I was in the same press boxes with Jesse in Athens, Atlanta and other sports venues primarily in the southeastern United States.  He was always helpful.      Now that this gentle soul is gone, I’m wondering if newspapers may not be far behind.  Some are predicting the demise of hard-copy newspapers.   I hope they’re wrong.


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