What made the Suleimans a good story

Below is a picture of a couple whose lives have been under a microscope for the past several days because the woman disappeared.  Thursday, she turned up alive and well.     Law enforcement officers say why she left her husband and 5 children is her business.   Case closed.  But reporters already had probed the details of the lives of Abed and Wazinek Suleiman.  Why?  A reporter might tell you that it’s because it’s “a good story.”   So what made a good story?  The glamour pictures of the 30-year-old mother of 5 appeals to the visual senses.   Other reasons:  past situations where the spouse had been responsible for the disappearance (not in this case).  There’s also the compassion that anyone can feel for a parent caring for 5 children while the spouse goes hunting.   As surely has been said privately, it’s enough to make anyone disappear for awhile.


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