Postponing the inevitable

I know a married couple who live several hundred miles from my home in Georgia.   Approaching fifty, they’ve never had children, but they have a beautiful cat that’s been a member of their family for 18 years.  Recently, their beloved Miss B has begun to show signs of old age. She’s had difficulty eating and simply walking from place to place in their home.  Because of her obvious pain, they made the decision this past week to put her to sleep.  I and others prayed for them and Miss B.   Just before the appointed time for euthanasia, Miss B began to move and eat almost as sprightly as she did in days of yore.   The Vet calls it a miracle.  My friends realize they may only be postponing the inevitable.    But they’re grateful for any additional time they have with her, be it days, hours or minutes.       May we all follow their example as we face our inevitable mortality.


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