Whales on the beach

In the shadow of the St. Simon’s lighthouse is a replica of a North Atlantic Right Whale and its calf.    It’s been there for about a quarter of a century.   This type of whale can weigh 70 tons and are up to 55 feet in length.   They are an endangered species protected by federal law. It’s estimated that only about 4-hundred North American Right Whales still exist.

On the other hand, there are sea gulls aplenty at St. Simons and elsewhere around the world.  These two were resting atop poles near the St. Simons pier.  Some sea gulls weigh almost 4 pounds, but those like you see here are light weights at a little more than 4 ounces.   

I really miss my chinning bar at home.   It feels great to stsretch the back muscles and feel the body’s extension.  This was at a children’s playground near the replica of the whale.    I promise you that no children were harmed in this hanging.


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