Horseshoe crabs, sun worshipers, Oran, Liz + me

This was my 6th consecutive day to walk and run shirtless on St. Simons beach.   Despite my fair complexion, so far no sunburn.   I attribute tanning instead of burning to the same plan that works for running.    It’s a gradual approach starting with 30 minutes and building to 90 minutes over the six-day period.   An SPF 15 lotion also helps.  A visitor from Metro Atlanta took my picture.   Oran Eichner, his daughter Liz Strickland, and their dog are from the Lawrenceville-Duluth commnunities.  Liz is a uniformed Duluth Police Officer.    Oran is in medical sales.   His family has a vacation home near the beach.  One of them mentioned that their dog is getting a little age on him and likes to be carried.  I know the feeling.

I’ve seen several jelly fish on the beach this week, but this is my first sighting of horseshoe crabs.   Two of them snuggled together as they lay dying in the sand.  It would be a stretch to write that two crabs dying side by side calls up memories of Shakesspeare”s star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet.  Nor would I compare them to the lovers from the Hatfield and McCoy clans.  As I wound up my week at the beach, there were two women (perhaps a mother and daughter) who are combining their worship of the sun with their love of the ocean.  They’re half in and half out of the salt water and full faced into the sun.  So long St. Simons until next time!


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