Nickels in the mail

For the past several months, we’ve been receiving free nickels.  They come from charities which apparently believe that sending you a small amount of money will cause you to send them a larger sum in return.  It doesn’t work with us.  In fact, it turns us off.  We must be in the minority because marketing companies representing charities keep using this gimmick.   In addition to the nickels,  I wonder how much money they spend on these mail-outs.    They must convince enough people  to send money because the stuff keeps arriving in our mailbox.   While we may empathize with the cause these people say they represent, we suggest they keep the nickels they’re sending us.  They’d come out at least a nickel ahead.


One Response to “Nickels in the mail”

  1. Zeke Says:

    The nickel mailings have gotten an equally cold reception in my house. If their argument is “as little as 5 cents can make a difference”, then for crying out loud, keep the nickels!

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