Family Trees-Friends Trees

Researching one’s family trees has long been a popular activity.  I’ve never done it, but have the software program should I ever feel inspired.  Somewhere in my home is a hard copy of the McClellan family.  My Uncle Rufus McClellan compiled it long before the days of computers.  He was a judge in southwest Virginia.    I was reminded of this today during a conversation with my dear friend Ray Moore.

Ray Moore

Ray has been tracing both his paternal and maternal ancestry.  Ray remembers this his Uncle Charlie Bell planted the seed for his research.    Uncle Charlie was a Lt. Colonel in charge of the 8th Air Force’s mail division during World War II.  Ray was a journalist in the military.   Ray and his Uncle Charlie came across each other as his Uncle was headed for Paris and  Ray London.  Using Uncle Charlie’s original research, Ray has now traced the Bell and Moore families back to around 16-hundred.   Ray says some of his ancestors migrated to this country from Switzerland.   Ray and his wife Sara have visited the land where his family once lived.   They loved it.    The Bell family came from England.  I’m wondering if they were bell ringers.  I’m also wondering if centuries from now that our descendants will be doing searches and perhaps coming across our names.   Will they ever know that Ray and I were close friends?   Perhaps we could start a new thing which we would call, “Friends Tree”?  Researching “Face Book” and “Twitter” files could be a beginning…but only a beginning because Ray and I use neither.



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