WSB-Cox Corporate Group

WSB-Cox Corporate Group

This is a group of WSB and Cox Corporate alumni and spouses.  Though still infrequently active with WSB-Television, they invited me to join them a few years ago.  What a treat it has been to hear the reminiscences from people who pre-date my more than half a century with the Cox flagship station.  Sunday evening was the group’s 27th get-together.  Jan Benfield is one of the original members.   She recalls it was an all-female group when they began socializing in 1984.  We’ve been gender integrated since 1987.  Our story telling this evening focused on the legendary WSB Radio’s late Aubrey Morris.


His daughter, Rhoda Morris Owens, Aubrey’s widow, Tera, and his son-in-law, Paul Owens, were our honored guests.  We told many loving tales about Aubrey’s exploits..some perhaps a bit embellished with the passage of time.   We ended the evening with an interview with Aubrey that we recorded at a gathering of  the group 5-years ago.  When I asked Aubrey to write his epitaph, he said write, “He loved people.”


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