A mother’s day search

My wife suggested that she and I go out for dinner on this Mother’s Day, May 8, 2011.  I offered her several suggestion, but she chose none of them.  Instead she opted for a restaurant that specializes in Italian food.   We called ahead to make reservations.  The person who answered the phone told us they did not accept reservations until after 7:30 p.m.   We got there about 7 p.m. expecting to avoid the crowds.    The hostess told us there would be a twenty- minute wait.   We were hungry and decided not to wait.   Across the street was another Italian place, but people were standing outside waiting to get in.  We went back to our car and drove to another eatery closer to home.   It was dark.   Like Chic-fil-A.. we  learned that it is closed on Sunday.  Our fourth and final stop was Panera’s.   They had room for us.   As usual, the food was excellent.    I’m glad to see that business is good for many restaurants albeit recognizing that it was fueled by this special day for mothers.   Without them, none of us would be here and businesses would not be nearly as prosperous.


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