Ray Moore-Saint Mark-Snake Handlers

The following is the Snake Handlers piece.  It was part of a 3 1/2 hour program about the many ways people seek God.   Ray Moore is the producer, writer and narrator of this 7 minute segment.   The video is almost 50 years old.  Its quality has deteriorated but the story is intact.  If the sound breaks up the first time you play it, play it a second time.  The sound should be good. I recall that I reported several followup stories on this Kingston congregation.  There were deaths caused by snake bites, but as far as I know succeeding generations still include snake handling in their worship services.


2 Responses to “Ray Moore-Saint Mark-Snake Handlers”

  1. Deanna Says:

    Wow. The tone of that report was so quiet and thoughtful. I love it! You can’t find much “quiet and thoughtful” on television today.

  2. ALG Says:

    The location of this service is not part of the Kingston services. Nor is the same congregation.
    This is the Cartersville church, also known as Wade’s Chapel. The Kingston follow up or ties do not connect! Check your facts! The two congregations have different beliefs and different interpretations on the Bible.

    This is my great grandpa and he was not a member of the Jesus only church. He believed in the Holy Trinity baptism.

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