Misty’s stressful day

Misty is one of our beloved felines.   She’s 10-year-old.  We took her to the vet for what we thought would be routine shots, but it became a stressful day for Misty and us.  Our vet says she detected some breathing problems and wanted to x-ray Misty.   The x-ray suggested that Misty had an enlarged heart.  The vet recommended a specialist who would perform an ultra sound for further diagnosis.  So my wife, Gisela, and I together took Misty to the specialist.  Dr. Lindsay Boozer and her team put Misty on a table and held her immobile for the ultra sound..   There was no tranquilizer…no anesthetic.    She was fully awake during the procedure.  We had been warned that it might be a  life threatening tumor.  I prayed that God would peform a miracle.  He did.    It was not a tumor, but a congenital condition called PPDH (Pericardial-Peritoreal Diaphragmatic Hernia).  It means that the the liver and part of the stomach have moved into the pericardial sac that surrounds the heart. It makes it tougher for the heart and lungs to do their jobs.  It diminishes her ability to digest food.  Misty has lived 10 years with this until now undetected  condition.    So following the doctors recommendations, we’re going to watch and pray she’ll have a longer and healthy life.  No surgery for now.  Our other furry critter, Marlee,  welcomed Misty home as they competed for Misty’s welcome home treat, catnip.


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