Oprah versus Monica

As Oprah Winfrey ended her 25-year run Wednesday, I was remembering the mid seventies when Oprah and Monica both applied for an opening at WSB-Television.  We were looking to develop a prime-time female African-American anchor.   Jocelyn Dorsey already was co-anchor of the noon news.  Jocelyn would later become channel 2’s public affairs director.  In 1975, universities were not graduating enough minority anchors with the skills to fill the demand.  Those that were available commanded premium pay.   Among those we could afford, Monica and Oprah were at the top of our list.   Our late General Manager and vice-president Don Heald would make the decision.     As you know, Don chose Monica.  Oprah went on to Chicago to achieve international fame.

Regardless, I heard Don say several times through the years that he made the right decision.   I agree.   Monica’s the best.   She’ll begin a new assignment Thursday as WSB replaces the syndicated Oprah with a 4 p.m. version of Channel 2 Action News.  Monica will co-anchor with John Bachman.  Monica’s not leaving WSB, but she will get to go home a little earlier.   Jovita Moore will succeed Monica on WSB’s 11 o’clock news with Justin Farmer.


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