Those TV preachers

Bishop Eddie Long of Metro Atlanta seems to have joined a long list of TV preachers who’ve sinned and got caught.  The word came Thursday that Long and his church have reached an out of court settlement with 4 young men who accused Long of using his position to force them into a sexual relationship with him.  Long denies the claims.   Through the years, I’ve covered several of those TV  preachers whose  conduct caught up with them.   My two most memorable are Jim Bakker and Bishop Earl Paulk.  Bakker and his wife Tammy ran a TV ministry in North Carolina.  Earl Paulk was another mega-church preacher from here in Metro Atlanta.    Bakker, Paulk and Long seem to have at least one thing in common:  they are showmen in the mold of the fictional Elmer Gantry.   They seem to regard their followers as “sheep to be sheared”.  It’s always amazed me that the sheep keep coming back again and again.  Perhaps Long’s sheep are wondering why Long agreed to a settlement if the accusations are not true.


3 Responses to “Those TV preachers”

  1. mwilliams Says:

    I am wondering why a man of “God” Eddie Long think he is so mighty and does not know how to ask for forgiveness. His out of court settlement makes him more guilty than before..He needs to come clean and ask the almighty God for his forgiveness.

  2. boo Says:

    as 90% of civil cases are settled out of court, no it’s not unusual.

  3. Miss LeeLee Says:

    Perhaps he has asked God for forgiveness. Isn’t that between him and God?

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