A friend asked me to write about this.

More than 22 years ago,  a young couple was found shot to death in their Forsyth County home.  29-year-old Kathy Reid and her husband, 34-year-old Tony died during a robbery.    A jury convicted 3 men of the murders.  A judge sentenced them to life in prison, but with a chance for parole.  So every few years, each of them makes his case to get out of prison and  always is rejected by the state parole board.      A few weeks ago, there appeared to be chance that one of them, Felton Junior Avery would gain his freedom because of a medical condition.    As required by law, letters went out from the Georgia Pardon and Paroles board to the family of his victims. The letters asked for input on whether Avery deserves to be free.   The victims’ family and friends mounted a letter writing campaign to keep Avery in prison.  After a few days, the board agreed with the letter-writers.   Avery will be going nowhere for now.   It doesn’t mean he won’t be coming up for parole consideration again and again.   The victims’ families and friends will be on alert to keep Avery and the other two murderers in prison until they, like their victims, are dead.  That especially would please my friend who asked me to write this.   She is Kathy”s former college roommate.


3 Responses to “A friend asked me to write about this.”

  1. Ric Says:

    I lost my father in June 2006.

    He was a retired police officer of the Stone Mountain Police Department.

    In 1975, my father and Officer Larry Potts of DeKalb County PD had the unfortunate occasion to met Junior Avery after Avery had attacked and beaten two men practically to death off Ponce De Leon in Stone Mountain.

    Avery then attacked and fought with the officers responding to the call after a traffic stop. During the altercation, Avery managed to obtain Officer Potts’ weapon and then shoot him in the hand. He was finally subdued but not before breaking three of my fathers ribs in the subsequent physical confrontation.

    Avery was tried and convicted in DeKalb Superior Court in 1976 for four counts of aggravated assault, one count of aggravated battery on a police officer and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon. He was given 20 years to serve but was released in 1999,… only to go on and commit three murders.

    Avery deserves to die in prison if ever the concept of justice is to be administered.

    • Michael potts Says:

      Hello I’m michael potts larry son, I was 5 and remember very well the night my father was shot. I very proud of him and love him so much for showing me the right way .I went on in a career in law enforcement it was shot 5 times on a traffic stop in Feb 2013.

  2. GA Says:

    I am Kathy’s niece. I was 3 at the time of their murders. I was a part of this letter writing committee, as you can imagine. I cannot express how much suffering these three men have caused my family. I want to update this article to say that Avery has passed away in prison- like he was sentenced to do.

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