Arc Way after 47 years

Arc Way is a road in Gwinnett County, Georgia where 3 police officers died 47 years ago.    One of the convicted murderers, Alec Evans, still is in a Georgia prison proclaiming his innocence.  Today in the comment section of this blog, a reader wanted to know the exact location on Arc Way where these 3 officers were bound and shot.  The last time I drove Arc Way north from Beaver Ruin Road,  it was so developed with houses that I had a hard time getting my bearings, but finally did.   Still I don’t think I have enough of a mental picture to describe it here.  To David who posted the question, I promise to drive Arc Way when I’m next in that direction.   I’ll take a picture of what that particular spot looks like after all these years.  I’ll post the picture on this blog, and perhaps one day publish my book on one of the most heinous crimes in Georgia’s history.


3 Responses to “Arc Way after 47 years”

  1. David Says:

    Thanks Don. I rode over there yesterday using vague descriptions gained from a couple people, but I couldn’t narrow down the area. Do you know why they closed the road, so it doesn’t continue on to Pleasant Hill Road? One person said he felt the site was right where the road comes to a dead end from the Beaver Ruin Road side.

  2. Dan Says:

    I actually live on Arc Way, I stay in the Mills Farm subdivision to be exact. This article is the first time hearing about those murders and I’ve lived here for over 19 years. As kids we used to explore the woods at the bottom of Arc Way where the road ends. Hey David, you were asking why they closed that road? Well from what we have been told over the years is there used to be a lot of traffic going through Arc Way to Pleasant Hill so they decided to close the road since it’s nothing but neighborhoods. Now there are actually 2 Arc Ways, one begins and ends on Beaver Ruin…and one on Pleasant Hill. If you travel in the wooded area between the two,you can see pieces of pavement from the old road but it’s mostly grass, trees, and streams.

  3. David Says:

    Thanks for the reply! Now that you mentioned it, I seem to remember news of the road being closed to stop it from being a drive through.I drove the road trying to place where it actually happened using bits and pieces of information but am not sure exactly where on the road it was.

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