The clutter syndrome

“Clutter” could be my middle name.  On second thought, “clutter” appropriately could be my first, middle and last name.   I started yesterday clearing the clutter from one of my “computer” rooms.   A few things were in the trash by the end of the day, but most of it was still there, albeit moved to a different part of the room.      Today was a second day for removing clutter with about the same results as the first day.  One of the joys of rearranging clutter is finding things you didn’t know you had….don’t remember buying it…haven’t used it in years..if ever.  Of course, I rationalize that one day I’ll need it so the clutter stays.   My wife would be pleased if we rented one of those big dumpsters..put it in the driveway…filled it up and hauled it away.   I doubt I’d miss any of my clutter, but there’s a gnawing thought that one day I might need it.   It’s the manisfestation of the clutter syndrome.  Tomorrow is another day to rearrange my clutter/


One Response to “The clutter syndrome”

  1. EchoThat Says:

    I understand the clutter factor. I have two kids under 5. My wife and I have recently put our house on a cleaning schedule to make sure that things get done in a timely manner. Monday, Thursday mop the kitchen and mow portions of the yard, Tuesdays do bathrooms…that kind of thing. It’s so easy to let everyday maintenance/cleaning and uncluttering go “overlooked.”

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