Death with Dignity Act

I’m about half-way through watching an HBO documentary that focuses on Oregon’s Death With Dignity Act.   The law allows terminally ill residents of the state of Oregon to voluntarily end their lives with medical assistance.   It means that the patient  must give him or herself the lethal drugs prescribed by a physician.   Oregon  and Washington are the only  two states in the USA  with such a law.  It’s been on the books in Oregon for almost 14 years….in the state of Washington since 2009.   According to the HBO documentary, hundreds of Oregonians have chosen this option.  The writers tell the story through the eyes of those who’ve made the choice.  We also hear from their loved ones.  HBO adds to the drama by exploring the campaign to pass a similar law in the state of Washington.  They focus on an Oregon woman who comes to Washington state to tell the story of her husband who chose “Death with Dignity”.   The documentary is intriguing and depressing at the same time.  I watched the rest of the HBO special Sunday night.


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