Clinton contrasted with Weiner

In recent days, many members of the Democrat party have called for the resignation of New York Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner.  The married Congressman admitted to lying initially about his “sex-texting”  to as many as half a dozen women.  I’m remembering when then President Bill Clinton lied about his sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky.  This was oral sex, not texting.   Did  many Democrats suggest that Clinton resign?    There was the impeachment of the President, but that was led by Republicans.  From members of a political party’s point of view, is it a question of who is more expendable rather than who did the greatest wrong?  As others have observed, it’s ironic that Weiner’s  pregnant wife, Huma Abedin, is an aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  Secretary Clinton may have advise for Ms. Weiner on how to tolerate a wayward spouse.


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