Ray’s “stolen” book

Please read the blog just before this one.   It tells how World War II soldier Ray Moore acquired an old book from a German home as the war was winding down.   The novel is  “All Quiet on the Western Front”.  a view of an earlier war, World War I.  It’s seen  through the eyes of a German soldier.   Here’s Ray.  You may have to play Ray’s narrative twice for uninterrupted sound Ray says the rare book is not for sale.  He plans to leave it to his 3 sons.    Ray  will be celebrating his 89th birthday next month.


2 Responses to “Ray’s “stolen” book”

  1. Keith Nelms Says:

    Really great to see Ray Moore! I worked briefly with Ray on a project in his days with GTRI(Georgia Tech Research Institute)… one of my favorite memories of my time there. Always intelligent and always a gentleman. The news and broadcasting business could use more like him. Happy Birthday, Ray.
    Keith Nelms

  2. Russ Moore Says:

    A timeless lesson and a great book!

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