Cat on a hot shingle roof

Look closely at the lower roof of this house.  On the right hand side is a little black blob.  That little black blob is a neighbor’s cat.   It’s name is  “Midnight”.    “Midnight” calls to mind a feline we once had.  His name was “Felix”.   When Felix was a kitten, he climbed a tree, but apparently was afraid to climb down.   He stayed in the tree without food or water for several days.   Finally a friend who has earned the affectionate name of “Cat Lady” coaxed him down.  He sure was hungry and thirsty.  “Midnight” is neither hungry nor thirsty.   He goes and comes through a window not far from where he’s sitting.  I shot these pics mid-morning before”Midnight” became a mid-afternoon cat on a hot shingle roof.   There is a hair resemblance to the late Elizabeth Taylor.


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