Barbarian Challenge

Our race timing company will be at an event tomorrow (Saturday) morning in  Gadsden, Alabama.  They call it the “Barbarian Challenge”.    It’s a mud run.  There are mud obstacles including swamps throughout the 4 mile course.   Think of it as mud wrestling on the move.   However, runners are not wrestling with each other…only with the muddy terrain.  It will be our first adventure in timing a mud run.    We’re looking forward to the fun and the pictures we bring back.   Borrowing from the history of the Barbarians, the runners will go out in  “hordes”……about one-hundred at a time.  The first of 9 ” hordes” invades the mud at 8 a.m.    The last at 3 p.m.  It’s going to be a long day….one that I expect we and the hordes of mud runners always will remember!  See the results later on


2 Responses to “Barbarian Challenge”

  1. Matt Nicholson Says:

    When should the results be posted?

    • Don McClellan Says:

      Chief Timer Danny Potts tells me that he and the race organizers are fine tuning the results before posting. I’ll forward your inquiry to Danny.

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