Economic memories

I remember penny bubble gum, nickel cokes, and 15-cent pints of ice cream.  I remember paying a dime for admission to a double feature at the local theater.  It later went up to 11-cents.   A bag of popcorn was 5-cents.  A good dress shirt was $3.50.   You could buy a beautiful tie for one-dollar…the very best was only $2.50.    My basis for what things should cost is rooted in these memories.  Of course, I remind myself that at the time I was mowing large yards for a quarter and later working in a men’s clothing store for fifty-cents an hour.  My first radio announcing job started at 55-dollars a week.   A raise put me at 65.    That jumped to 85-dollars a week when I came to WSB.     That darned inflation takes away and it giveth.


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