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Colorful peaches…Happy kids

July 31, 2011

Georgia peaches are colorfully attractive at the Farmers Market on the Square in Marietta, Georgia.   The vendors were touting them as some of the last peaches of the Summer season.  We were on the square because of 5K road race which the organizers called, “Christmas in July”.   They were getting a head start on raising money for food and gifts for needy children at Christmas time.

She was among the children running to help others.                                     So was

he!!  As he finished, I heard him say to this mother, “let’s go do it again.”  I never tire of seeing a happy runner regardless of the age!

Life with the cable guys

July 30, 2011

My last two days have included an adventure in repairing the phone, internet and TV systems in my home..  They are all with the same cable company.  As I write this, I’m listening to a robot call asking me to participate in a survey about how I feel about my visits from the cable techs.  I probably won’t participate because I won’t talk to a robot.  You know the type of questions:   “….using a scale of one to 5, how do you feel about our service today?…..”  I enjoyed meeting and working with all three techs who visited during the two day period, bu the results… that’s another story.   The first was an independent contractor with the cable company.  He thought he had solved the problems.  So did I, but shortly after the first tech left, the whole system went down.  So the cable company sent one of its own employees to my home.   The second tech also worked hard and left thinking the problems were gone.   He was half right.    Today, a third tech came.  He was from the independent contracting company.  He looked at the repairs made by the first two men.   The third guy was less than complimentary about what the first two had done.  But tne third tech assures me it’s  now all fixed.   We’ll see.  Kudos to him if he’s right, but he left me the names of two of his supervisors if he’s not.

Debt ceiling stalemate

July 29, 2011

A cartoonist with the Ottawa Citizen of Canada has published a cartoon about the USA’s debt ceiling stalemate.   The cartoonist has drawn a picture of President Abraham Lincoln sitting in a chair similar to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.   Lincoln is reading a newspaper headlined “DEBT CEILING STALEMATE”.  The dialogue has Lincoln saying, “OH GROW UP!”     The Canadian cartoonist may be reflecting the feelings of many Americans and others as the deadline for avoiding a debt default approaches.  Are there any similarities between the exaggerated gloom and doom predictions of Y2K and  forecasts of what will happen if the USA defaults on its debts?  Are they as false?  As some Congress members and the President continue to play chicken, we may soon find out if enough of them will “grow up” and reach a compromise before August 2, 2011.  On the other hand, if they don’t “grow up” we may find out if the gloom and doom predictions are as exagerrated as they were for Y2K….or we watch as they come true.

The last of the out-takes

July 28, 2011

This is the last of the out-takes from this year’s Peachtree Road Race.

Runner survives prostate cancer

July 27, 2011

Another segment of the out-takes from the recent Peachtree Road race includes a runner who’s survived prostate cancer.

More out-takes from the Peachtree

July 26, 2011

It’s been 3 weeks since the Peachtree 10K roadrace.  I ran the course with a camera.  Here are more unedited out-takes that never made air on WSB-Television, channel 2 in Atlanta, Georgia

How is Nathan DeYoung?

July 25, 2011

Nathan DeYoung was 16 when his older brother, Andrew, came home one night in 1993 and killed their parents and his 14-year-old sister, Sarah.  Nathan escaped.   He ran to a neighbor’s for help.   Writing in the comment section of this blog, several people have said they’re praying for Nathan and wondered how he’s doing.    A friend told me that Nathan wants people to know that he’s fine.   I asked my friend where he’s living.   She wouldn’t say.   However, a story in Sunday’s Marietta Daily Journal quotes former District Attorney now Cobb County Court Administrator Tom Charron.   Charron prosecuted DeYoung.  Charron told MDJ reporter Jon Gilloly that ” he lost contact with Nathan after the trial, but a year or so ago ran into Nathan’s wife, who was serving on jury duty.  She relayed that Nathan was doing OK, and living in the area.”   Gilloly witnessed the execution of Andrew DeYoung.  The MDJ reporter writes that Nathan DeYoung was not there.

Perp Nurse after the execution

July 24, 2011

I had asked the lady who identified herself as the “perp nurse” at the Georgia State Prison in Jackson, Georgia whether she was on duty in the execution chamber when Adrew DeYoung died.   Her answer in part, “No sir.  Our medical unit has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the execution.  It is handled by an outside agency who has doctors who do the exams and, I presume, pronounce the man dead.  This makes it easier for the (prison) staff.  Execution day is always difficult for the whole prison.  I am there to help people no matter what they have done and I make no judgments about them pertaining to their medical care.  For most inmates, I have no need to know why they are there.   Of couse, death row is different because most were high profile cases and are in the news even years later because of appeals, etc……I can tell you from my own experience that most people do grimace, maybe take a few gasping deaths as they are dying.   It is really the body’s attempt to stay alive…..”

My thoughts and impressions?

July 23, 2011

Ned Puddleman, one of our readers, writes that since I covered the DeYoung trial, he would like to hear my thoughts and impressions.  My thoughts are that it’s been enlightning to read the many reactions on my blog this week.  I’ve always enjoyed thoughtful debate.    My impressions of DeYoung are limited to what I’ve heard and read.  My recollection is that in his trial, DeYoung did not take the witness stand.   I’ve done interviews with a few death-row inmates in the past, but the Georgia Department of Corrections refused my request to talk with DeYoung.  A spokeswoman for the department told me “it’s policy”.   Obviously the policy has changed since my interview with condemned killer Larry Lonchar several years ago.  Georgia still was using the electric chair when the executioners pulled the switch on Lonchar in 1996.   A jury convicted Lonchar of murdering two men and a woman over a 10-thousand dollar gambling debt.  Lonchar, like others before him, told me the killings were like an out-of-body experience.  He said he was watching someone else pull the trigger and use the knife. I’ll always wonder if DeYoung would have spun a similar tale.

Andrew Grant DeYoung dead

July 22, 2011

Rhonda Cook of the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports from the Jackson State Prison in Butts County Georgia that convicted murderer Andrew Grant DeYoung is dead.   The AJC reporter writes in part, “Young was declared dead at 8:04 p.m. (7-21-11), fewer than 15 minutes after the process began.  Lying prone, he barely moved throughout the execution.  His parting words were, ‘I’m sorry for everyone I’ve hurt.’   For the first time in Georgia, a videographer was present in the execution chamber, documenting DeYoung’s death and his reaction to a new three-drug lethal injection that anti-death penalty activists said caused unnecessary pain and suffering.  The videographer, accompanied by a woman taking notes, stood off to the side and was barely visible to witnesses.   DeYoung, however, only blinked his eyes and swallowed repeatedly and showed no violent signs in death.  He was checked by a nurse for consciousness shortly into the execution, a new procedure put in place.  At 8:22 p.m., he was taken from the prison in a black Butts County Coroner van.”