Peachtree Road Race

On the left hand side of the picture, you’ll see me shooting video for airing on WSB-Television, channel 2 in Atlanta, Georgia.   My son, Scott, is shooting the stills you’ll see in this posting.  60-thousand of us ran/walked the 6.2 mile course from Lenox Square to Piedmont park.  Patriotic dress was the theme of the day.  On your left is “Ms. Firecracker”  On the right “Miss America.  Water sprays were sprinkled (pun intended) throughout the course.  Most seemed to enjoy the spray.  I went around them to avoid moisture messing up my camera.   I learned the hard way one year when my Canon GL-1 shut down.   Protecting the camera is now one of my cardinal rules.  My son also carrys a backup for me in a back-pack. This red white and blue hatted runner likely knew his character, but it confused me.   Was he “Uncle Sam”, a white-bearded Abe Lincoln or ……

There was no mistaking the character the runner with the flag was portraying.   He’s a proud patriotic American on the fourth of July, 2011.  Please look for my video stories at noon Tuesday (July 5th) on WSB-Television, channel 2 in Atlanta.


4 Responses to “Peachtree Road Race”

  1. Deanna Says:

    I know you only know me from the few times I’ve commented here on your blog, but I considered it a great honor to see you and quickly say hello on the race course today. Not only do I consider you a local media legend, but even more so, a local running legend! It was my first Peachtree, and I’m so glad you were a part of it! Keep on running!

  2. Ted Says:

    I’ve followed your career at WSB for I guess as long as you have been there. I even remember your brother Jerry and along with Ray Moore the Atlanta market certainly had professional journalists and broadcasters making WSB, in my opinion, the top television station. I recall when you took a film crew to document your running coverage of the race when it first took place. I was honored to speak with you on the 4th while doing what you do best.

  3. Matt Says:

    I hope all is well with you. Enjoyed catching up with your life. Please tell Scott I said hello and hope all is well with him.
    Be well,
    Matt Arnett

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