Roxy comes home

Roxy, my neighbor’s canine, went to the vet today for surgery.  The doctor removed two skin cancers.  This one is in the hip area.  Roxy went into the hospital early in the morning.  About seven hours later, she was ready to be discharged wearing what some call the “cone of shame”.   It’s a device intended to keep her from licking and chewing on her stitches.  Dr. Kimberly Carey and Tech Ashley told my neighbor, George Boyd, the good news.   They believe they got all of the cancer.   They’ve sent the cancer cells to the University of Georgia Vet School for confirmation and there’ll be further tests to insure it didn’t spread to other parts of Roxy’s body.  She got special treatment from George as he picked her up and put the gentle, lovable canine into the back seat of his truck for the ride home.  I had the privilege of sitting beside Roxy and reassuring her that she’s going to be fine.  She received further assurance when she got home.   George lifted Roxy onto her favorite place…a couch in the living room where Roxy can rest and recover.  We’ll call it the “red blanket” treatment.


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