Andrew DeYoung’s final days

Pending any last minute court intervention, Andrew Grant DeYoung, will die Wednesday, July 20, 2011.   He’ll die by lethal injection more than 16 years after a Cobb County, Georgia jury convicted him of murdering his parents and sister.  A message from the self described “perp nurse” gives us some insight into DeYoung’s final days.   She tells us that the medical facility at Jackson State Prison is where the death row inmates are housed the last two weeks before their scheduled execution.  The “perp nurse” writes , in part, “…they are guarded by two certified team members at all times.   They are allowed access to their lawyers, of course.  Two days before the execution, they are allowed a telephone and contact visits with friends, relatives, lawyers and what we call “Execution Groupies”.  These people come to all the pre-execution visits in those last two days.    You might think that medical people are against the death penalty, but believe me, most of us are very much in favor.  Maybe (it’s) because we see these people all the time.  Perhaps it is because they are given most of what they want.   They will make trouble if they are not given what they want.  The state tries to see that nothing ever comes between the inmate and his execution date.   As for DeYoung, he has been with us (in the medical facility) upwards of two weeks.  We do not know him as well as some, probably because he is relatively young.  I cannot discuss in any way their medical status so I must leave it at that.    I do know that DeYoung was involved, and some believe was the ring leader in the bombed-building escape attempt, and death of two death-row inmates in December, 2009.  There seems to be no Jesse Jackson, Jimmy Carter or the Pope for DeYoung.   As some of us say, we could have lived the rest of our lives without knowing what we have learned since coming to work at the GDCP (Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison).   I still work because it’s an unusual job for a nurse.  It never gets dull and if it does, you better watch out!!!    Despite all the difficulties and problems, curse words all day long from officers and inmates, men masturbating right in front of us, slamming bars and constant noise, most of us love it here.”


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