Andrew Grant DeYoung dead

Rhonda Cook of the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports from the Jackson State Prison in Butts County Georgia that convicted murderer Andrew Grant DeYoung is dead.   The AJC reporter writes in part, “Young was declared dead at 8:04 p.m. (7-21-11), fewer than 15 minutes after the process began.  Lying prone, he barely moved throughout the execution.  His parting words were, ‘I’m sorry for everyone I’ve hurt.’   For the first time in Georgia, a videographer was present in the execution chamber, documenting DeYoung’s death and his reaction to a new three-drug lethal injection that anti-death penalty activists said caused unnecessary pain and suffering.  The videographer, accompanied by a woman taking notes, stood off to the side and was barely visible to witnesses.   DeYoung, however, only blinked his eyes and swallowed repeatedly and showed no violent signs in death.  He was checked by a nurse for consciousness shortly into the execution, a new procedure put in place.  At 8:22 p.m., he was taken from the prison in a black Butts County Coroner van.”


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