My thoughts and impressions?

Ned Puddleman, one of our readers, writes that since I covered the DeYoung trial, he would like to hear my thoughts and impressions.  My thoughts are that it’s been enlightning to read the many reactions on my blog this week.  I’ve always enjoyed thoughtful debate.    My impressions of DeYoung are limited to what I’ve heard and read.  My recollection is that in his trial, DeYoung did not take the witness stand.   I’ve done interviews with a few death-row inmates in the past, but the Georgia Department of Corrections refused my request to talk with DeYoung.  A spokeswoman for the department told me “it’s policy”.   Obviously the policy has changed since my interview with condemned killer Larry Lonchar several years ago.  Georgia still was using the electric chair when the executioners pulled the switch on Lonchar in 1996.   A jury convicted Lonchar of murdering two men and a woman over a 10-thousand dollar gambling debt.  Lonchar, like others before him, told me the killings were like an out-of-body experience.  He said he was watching someone else pull the trigger and use the knife. I’ll always wonder if DeYoung would have spun a similar tale.


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