How is Nathan DeYoung?

Nathan DeYoung was 16 when his older brother, Andrew, came home one night in 1993 and killed their parents and his 14-year-old sister, Sarah.  Nathan escaped.   He ran to a neighbor’s for help.   Writing in the comment section of this blog, several people have said they’re praying for Nathan and wondered how he’s doing.    A friend told me that Nathan wants people to know that he’s fine.   I asked my friend where he’s living.   She wouldn’t say.   However, a story in Sunday’s Marietta Daily Journal quotes former District Attorney now Cobb County Court Administrator Tom Charron.   Charron prosecuted DeYoung.  Charron told MDJ reporter Jon Gilloly that ” he lost contact with Nathan after the trial, but a year or so ago ran into Nathan’s wife, who was serving on jury duty.  She relayed that Nathan was doing OK, and living in the area.”   Gilloly witnessed the execution of Andrew DeYoung.  The MDJ reporter writes that Nathan DeYoung was not there.


2 Responses to “How is Nathan DeYoung?”

  1. Kell Morrow Says:

    That is good to hear because I imagine that his memories of that night are still quite traumatic for him. I remember to this day reading about him in the paper the next day and then hearing that the Cobb County Police didn’t have a relative to take him to stay with that night, so they took him to the JDC. I would have wanted to take him to someplace like a hospital or the home of friends.

  2. Robert Braxton Says:

    Hey Nate if you get this I wish the best for you. I don’t know what to say its been a long time. But you are not forgotten every time I pray I mention you. You were the coolest kid in the neighborhood. I looked up to you. You were always good to everyone, a rare quality in this world. I hope you never lost it.
    Take care, Robert

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