Life with the cable guys

My last two days have included an adventure in repairing the phone, internet and TV systems in my home..  They are all with the same cable company.  As I write this, I’m listening to a robot call asking me to participate in a survey about how I feel about my visits from the cable techs.  I probably won’t participate because I won’t talk to a robot.  You know the type of questions:   “….using a scale of one to 5, how do you feel about our service today?…..”  I enjoyed meeting and working with all three techs who visited during the two day period, bu the results… that’s another story.   The first was an independent contractor with the cable company.  He thought he had solved the problems.  So did I, but shortly after the first tech left, the whole system went down.  So the cable company sent one of its own employees to my home.   The second tech also worked hard and left thinking the problems were gone.   He was half right.    Today, a third tech came.  He was from the independent contracting company.  He looked at the repairs made by the first two men.   The third guy was less than complimentary about what the first two had done.  But tne third tech assures me it’s  now all fixed.   We’ll see.  Kudos to him if he’s right, but he left me the names of two of his supervisors if he’s not.


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