Feelin’ good breeds feelin’ good

I know many upbeat people who always seem to be feelin’ good.  Now I know they aren’t always in the best of health, but their positive attitude  about themselves spreads to others.  I have an octogenarian friend who always seems to have a funny tale to tell.   Today, Tom told me a Forest Gump story.  Tom began, “Did you hear about Forest Gump dying?    He got to the pearly gates.  St. Peter was there.   St. Peter told Forest that Heaven was getting so crowded that you had to take a test to get in.  Forest was surprised that Heaven could ever be overcrowded, but he was ready for the test.   St. Peter’s first question, ‘how many Ts are there in a week?”   Forest thought about it for a little while then said, ‘I know…today and tomorrow.’    St. Peter told him that was not exactly what he had in mind, but he would accept Forest’s answer.     Second question from St. Peter:  ‘how many seconds are there in a year?’    Forest allowed that would take some figuring and he didn’t have a calculator.   In about an hour, Forest came back  with his answer. ‘There are 12 seconds in a year, January 2nd, February 2nd, March 2nd….and so on.’    St. Peter again reluctantly accepted Forest’s answer.   Then came the final question for entry into Heaven:  ‘what is God’s first name?’   This time, Forest was gone for a long time.   Finally, he returned with a triumphant look on his face.  Said Forest, ‘God’s first name is Andy as in the hymn…Andy walks with me…Andy talks with…Andy tells me I am his own…”  St. Peter opened the pearly gates and Forest zipped right on into Heaven.”  Tom began my day with a smile and despite the challenges of the day…thanks to Tom…I’m still smiling this evening.  Feelin’ good does breed feelin’ good!


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