Radio Memories with Jim Wesley

My long-time friend, Jim Wesley, recently published a book he calls “Radio Memories”.  Jim was working in sales at WSB Radio when I came to WSB-Television in 1960.   His autobiography details how he and teenage friend, George Price, began as announcers on an Atlanta radio station in the summer of 1950.   In the picture,  Jim’s on the left.   Perhaps the next big event in Jim’s life happened in 1953.  Jim and Mary were married.   Two years later, the deep-voiced talent answered the call of WSB, the 50-thousand watt clear channel at 750 on your AM radio dial.  WSB signed on the air in 1922, the first station in the south.  Jim’s book includes a picture of auto pioneer Henry Ford visiting WSB the year it went on the air.   Jim spent less than half a dozen years at WSB Radio as an announcer-newsman before moving into sales where the pay was better.  It was the beginning of a journey that led him to the ownership of several radio stations, including one or two where he was once an employee.  In his book, “Radio Memories”, Jim includes several pictures that complement the telling of his story.   I think I paid about $30. for a hardcopy at    It was $30. well spent. 


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