This too shall pass

A young man is about to reach the first milestone in becoming an adult.  He will be celebrating his 18th birthday.   His mother is a nurse-health care specialist who helps many “senior’ citizens enjoy a better quality of life.    She posted a request asking that these “seniors”  share their wisdom with her son.  There was an excellect response which she made into a scrapbook for his birthday celebration.    One of the seniors wrote, “….What is wisdom?  You ask a dozen people for the definition and you get a dozen different answers, but all helpful responses seem to include having knowledge, experience and good judgment in dealing with the issue at hand.  The writer continued, “I once asked Dave Miller, a friend of mind whom I always considered to be a wise man what his definition of wisdom would be.  David was a Heart Specialist and son-in-law of the Nobel Laureate Dr. Albert Schweitzer.  Dave and Rhena (his wife) had spent their lives in medical service to the poorest of the poor throughout the world.  When I asked the question, David thought for just a moment and then responded, ‘…. I think the essence of wisdom is understanding that  this too shall pass.’“”


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