Accentuate the positive

The up and down path of the stock markets is exerting a force on  those who invest in the markets.  The “analysts” are offering theories about why we’re again having this  roller- coaster ride.   It often seems to me that analysts and others dwell on the negatives and ignore the positives.    I”m not suggesting we look at the world through rose-colored glasses, nor hide our heads in the sand but I’d like to see more “experts” search for the postives. Toward that end on a local level,  a group calling itself
“Sport Parks” next week is breaking ground on a large multi-purpose sports complex just north of Atlanta. Among the high-profile investors are current major league managers Fredi Gonzalez (Braves), Ned Yost (Kansas City) and retired Braves manager Bobby Cox.   The Marietta Daily Journal reports it could mean 20-thousand new jobs within the next 7 years.  Developers say there will be 17 sports complexes spread over 14-hundred acres.  It is planed to include hotels and retai l stores with an annual impact of one-billion dollars on the local economy   So as Georgia’s Johnny Mercer wrote toward the end of World War II, “…YOU’VE GOT TO ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE..ELIMINATE THE NEGATIVE…LATCH ON TO THE AFFIRMATIVE…DON’T MESS WITH MISTER IN BETWEEN…”


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