Dick Tracy

Warren Beatty directed and starred in the 1990 movie, “Dick Tracy”.  I watched it Sunday evening on an HD television screen.  The movie is set in the imagination of  Tracy’s creator, Chester Gould.    When I was growing up in East Tennessee, I spent untold dimes for comic books.  Dick Tracy was one of my favorites.  I had stacks and stacks of the ten-cent tales that were perhaps children’s favorite form of escapism…some adults too.   Stacked in my closet and under the steps of the stairs leading to the basement, they were my treasure.  There came a time when Mom wanted to know what I was going to do with them.   I had no answer except the feeling that one day they would be valuable.  But we needed the space for more immediate things.  So one day, my beloved comics went into our coal-fired furnace.  I went into the military, then college and the beginning of a broadcasting career.  My feelings that the comic books would become valuable have come true, but only for those who saved them.  Still the movies such as “Superman”, “Batman” and “Dick Tracy” reawaken those memories from so long ago.


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