Barking in the hallway

In the comment section of this blog, you can read a message from Ken Cosgrove.  Ken is a former photographer-reporter with WSB-Television.   He’s from the days of what we called a “one-man band”.   It was the 1960s.  Today we would call such talents a ” one- person band”.   After reading his comment on my blog, I contacted Ken via  e-mail.    Ken wrote that he enjoyed the “short time” spent on the WSB news teams.    Ken remembers his first day on the job at WSB.   He writes, “….Upon entering the employee entrance, I saw a police officer on his hands and knees coming down the hallway barking like a dog.   It was Officer Don.”     That would be Don Kennedy who dressed as a police officer for the show known as “The Popeye Club”.    In earlier segments of this blog, you can read more about Don’s antics.   Kids and many adults loved them.  Those kids now turned adults still do.   Next time I see Officer Don, I ‘ll ask him to bark for us again!  Thanks Ken for the memory.


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