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Jimmie Sue Finger Gambrel’s niece

September 30, 2011

Please read the latest comment in this blog.  It’s from a writer who says that Jimmie Sue Finger Gambrel was her aunt.  She is questioning how I could call Jimmie Sue a “murderess”.   In fact, I wrote, “Cobb county convicted murderess.”     A Cobb county jury convicted her.  A judge sentenced her.  The former hair dresser said to me in a jail house interview, “God knows….”,   Regardless, a jury thought the evidence warranted a guilty verdict.  Perhaps her family can take comfort in their faith knowing that God does know and will deal with Jimmie Sue.. will deal with us all…based on the truth.


Harry Siemen

September 29, 2011

Harry Siemen at 86

This is the “amazingly cool” 86-year-old Harry Siemen.   He’s displaying the age group medallion he earned in this past weekend’s Duluth Fall Festival 5K.   As I pulled alongside him during a down hill stretch of the run, he breathlessly said, “I’m gettin’ too old for this.”    Maybe so, but as we hit a a tough uphill, he pulled away from me.   I didn’t see him again until the end.  Way to go Harry!    After the awards, Harry’s parting words to me were “I’ll see you again next year.”

Shaving cream

September 28, 2011

My daily shaving routine usually takes place in a jacuzzi.  I remember when shaving gel first came on the market.   It took me awhile to try it.  What always puzzled me is how a small blob of gel no larger than a finger nail can produce more than enough cream to cover your face and neck.  I’m guessing the multiplication factor is more than one-hundred.  I’ve searched for an explanation (not exhaustively searched) but the only articles I’ve found compare gel with foam.    One article condemned both because they contain alcohol.  The writer believes that alcohol is not good for the skin.  I’m not a newbie when it comes to shaving.  I go back to the days when those Burma Shave signs were strung out along the highways.   Each sign would have a line from a ryhme that always ended with “Burma Shave.”  Here’s an example:  “If your peach(1st sign) keeps out of reach (2nd sign)Better practice(3rd sign) What we preach(4th sign) Burma Shave(last sign).   Those were entertaining even for a young boy not old enough to shave.

Straw poll

September 27, 2011

This morning, I had my radio on as I wasI preparing to leave for my early morning  running-exercise session.  I thought I heard someone on the radio say that only people who paid were allowed to vote in the Florida straw poll.  I thought surely I must have misheard.    But this evening,  a search engine produced several articles that suggest  that  contrary to my wife’s belief,  I can still hear.  Those reports explained that this was a gathering of Republican delegates selected at the local level.   They each had to pay upward of 6-hundred dollars to attend the two day convention and cast their ballots.  One analyst suggested this means that only well-heeled Republicans could vote, not the average Republican in Florida.  Nevertheless, the Florida straw poll has picked the Republican nominee 5 times, including Presidents Reagan and Bush the first.  That’s one of the facts Herman Cain is emphasizing as he revels in the glow of his Florida political sunshine.

The mystery shoe

September 26, 2011

Mystery Shoe

This is a shoe I found in my late parents’ collection of memorabilia..  It feels like leather…very stiff leather.  I’m guessing my mother saved this with the intention of getting it bronzed, but never did.   Could it be mine, my younger brother’s or my older sister’s (deceased)?  My wife says it looks like a boy’s shoe the boy may have worn before he was two.  I’ve placed it with some of my personal memorabilia, including this stool made for me by the very talented George Chamberlin.   However, if the shoe fits, my brother Jerry is welcome to claim it. 

A woman on a motorcycle

September 25, 2011

I met Kim Norland at a 5K race Saturday.  She didn’t run the race near the Marietta, Georgia square.   She was there as a volunteer to help with the details in staging the 3.1 mile run.   Now most people travel by car, but as you can see Kim was astride a motorcycle.    She told me that she’d only had one major accident.    That was about 5 years ago when a driver did a u-turn in front of her.   The crash totaled her cycle, but miraculously she escaped with only minor injuries.   It was amazing to me that she was not scared away from a two-wheeler.

Kim Norland

Kim’s still riding and smiling…most of the time…ever on the alert for those drivers making u-turns.

Jack Shenk

September 24, 2011

Jack Shenk and Family

This is Jack Shenk surrounded by his family after a ceremony Friday honoring the 85-year-old for his volunteerism.  Jack is the recipient of the Andruss award named after the founder of the AARP.    Jack is a a volunteer entertainer.  His audiences primarily are the elderly and disabled at senior citizen homes in Metro Atlanta.  Jack is a drummer in a band he was instrumental in organizing.  One of the unusal features:   he has added a new and popular component of wheelchair dancing.  That’s the award that Jack is holding.   He told us several stories in accepting the award…stories about the elderly who know bettter than most that “laughter is the best medicine”.   Jack has been the volunteer “doctor of laughter”  for more than twenty-one years.

Renewing your driver’s license

September 23, 2011

Stacy Johnson Don McClellan

This is Stacy Johnson with me at the Georgia Department of Driver Services.   Stacy is the manager of the Canton Highway office of the DDS in Marietta.   In Georgia, most of the time, you can renew your driver’s license by mail.  But every 5 years you have to go for an eye test and get an up to date picture and description.  It’s a staggered system that has each driver renewing near  his or her approaching birthday.  My how things have changed since my last visit 5 years ago.  Instead of one long line and one camera, each cubicle has its own camera and eye testing unit.  There are more than a dozen cubicles at the Canton Highway office.   There’s also a waiting area with plenty of seats and automated voice that calls you to the next available clerk-tester.   The best part of my experience today was the contact with the courteous and friendly men and women, led by manager Stacy Johnson.   I was quickly through the process taking home my new temporary license  It’ll be good until the 5-year one arrives in the mail. For me, the renewal was free as it is in Georgia for all veterans of the military.  I appreciate it!!

A 1928 Marriage Certificate

September 22, 2011

This is a marriage certificate from March 10, 1928.   I found it today going through memorabilia from my parents.  It certifies that my mother, Artis Tucker, and my father, Ballard Lee McClellan, were united in Holy Martimony a few days before Mom’s 17th birthday.    Dad was 4 years-older.  They named their first child Betty Lee McClellan.   When I came along, they  wanted my middle name also to reflect Dad’s name.  But Dad mever did like “Ballard” so they settled on giving me a middle initial, but no middle name.   Here’s a picture of Mom and Dad shortly before she died in 1970 at the age of 59.   Dad would remarry and have fifteen more happy years with my stepmother, Georgia.  Georgia was a widow and one of my Mom’s best friends.   Dad was 78 when he passed.  The certificate and the picture are reminders of from whence I came.    I would guess that many of you treasure similar memorabilia from your parents.

“Smack Away”

September 21, 2011

Even terms in ping pong have changed to become
“politically correct”.   In the day, when a player hit a ball with tremendous velocity that an opponent was unlikely to return, we would say he “smashed” it or he “killed” it.  But now those cable-TV play-by-play announcers wil describe high-velocity hits as “smack aways”.      I’m going to be practicing to improve my skills at “smack aways” or is it “smacks away”?