The art of plain writing and talking

Have you read any plainly written legal opinons lately?   In a long running dispute between plaintiffs and board members of the Cobb Electric Membership Coporation, the Judge wrote, “….Cobb EMC shall,  however, pay for and distribute to all members, with the call of the annual or other meeting at which the election of directors is to take place, a letter to the members submitted by each candidate for a director position not exceeding one page front and back, single-space 12-point font.”    As I understand the situation,  the decision is designed to avoid incumbent board members having an advantage over candidates running to replace them.    I’ve never been to law school, but I’m wondering if  law professors teach courses on writing long-difficult to- understand  sentences.      Perhaps lawyers  master how  to write so that only other attorneys can understand them.  It’s not a sin to put a period at the end of  one thought.  Then start another sentence for the next thought.   Perhaps those obfuscating attorneys could learn from Rudolph Flesch.   The Austrian born professor lived from 1911 till 1986.   He wrote two books that have served me well through the years:  “The Art of Plain Talk” and “The Art of Plain Writing”.  Flesch was an English professor and ironicaly a  lawyer.


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