Vertical landing and takeoff

Vertical takeoff and landing fixed wing aircraft have been around for decades.  My recollection is that the Navy’s “Harrier” has been shown in several movies.  The Lockheed-Martin built F-35 stealth fighter may be the latest to go straight up and down.   The folks at Lockeed-Martin in Marietta held an F-35 promotion this week.  They invited influential politicians and members of the media to “pilot” an F-35 simulator.  A Lockheed-Martin spokeswoman says the United States Air Force expects to operate a fleet of more than 17-hundred F-35s.  The Navy and the Marine Corp together would have almost 7-hundred.

My wife was an engineer with Lockheed-Martin for more than 30 years.  She’s now retired.   I wondered aloud why they couldn’t apply the vertical take-off and landing technology to big commercial aircraft.  I reasoned you could save a lot of airport space.  She says that would be a whole different ball game.   I say let’s get that ball game started.


One Response to “Vertical landing and takeoff”

  1. Vic White Says:

    I agree, let the game begin………… ball!!!!

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